Serigraphs on handmade paper

38,00 x 25,00 (each)

Edition: 50 + 6 E.A. + 3 P.P.




3 hand signed and numbered

serigraphs in separate wallets

In 1963 George Axelrod, the well-known screenwriter for Bus Stop and The Seven Year Itch (with Marilyn Monroe), asked James Francis Gill if he could buy the Marilyn Triptych. He saw it in Life Magazine and was absolutely fascinated.

James Francis Gill told him, that it was already sold to the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York), but that he could paint him another similar work. George Axelrod then commissioned James Francis Gill for the Marilyn Triptych 2. The sale was handled by the prestigious Sidney Janis Gallery, New York.

In 1972 George Axelrod gave an TV interview in his home with one of the Marilyn panels in the background. When George Axelrod died in 2003, the Triptych was sold from his estate to a collector.